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The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons.
These included the Thirteen manifesting themselves as the gods of ancient Greek myth and additional info about Vector 's history, including his service as a Matrix bearer casino di venezia online sedi in an alternate reality.
Vector Primes face is based upon the Autobot faction symbol, to specify his ancient connection to the Transformer race (early concept drawing shown at Botcon 2006 showed Vector Prime with a retractable mask which was an Autobot symbol).
The Vector Prime who held the Facebook Q A sessions was identified as one native to the Axiom Nexus, who disappeared to join the other Thirteen and later reappeared following the events of a Transformers: Timelines story arc involving them.The Axiom Nexus version of Vector Prime subsequently relocated to Nebulos casino puerto santa maria spain as an undercover observer, taking an alternate form to conceal himself while exploring the planet using a holo-avatar reminiscent of the Third Doctor from Doctor Who.He wields the mighty sword Rhisling (called the "Cyber Caliber" in his instructions citation needed constructed from ethereal supermatter and shaped to an edge so sharp that it can slice open the fabric of reality, opening portals to anywhere in time, space, or other dimensions.It was around this time that Vector Prime returned to Cybertron, as seen in the Fun Publications comics.Vector Prime joined with Optimus Primes Autobots in relocation to Earth in pursuit of Landmine, who had been befriended by three human children.Components are mechanically interlocked for a blemish-free appearance.From this timeless existence, he observed events in different dimensions across the multiverse from the outbreak of the Hate Plague to the co-opting of the Creation Matrix by Shockwave but would only intervene in the event of truly dire threats to the continued stability.General features, extruded aluminum construction and mechanical assembly.
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When Unicrons body was subsequently destroyed by the united forces of the Transformers in a war that raged across the Transformers: Armada and Energon series, his spark was sealed within a sun by Primus in an attempt to contain.

Primus to combat the threat posed by his eternal foe, the Chaos-Bringer, Unicron.Novels edit In Transformers: Exodus, it is noted that Sentinel Prime bore the sigil of the noble myth of Vector Prime.4, the creation of, vector, prime was no easy task.He transforms into an ancient Cybertronian spacecraft, armed with gauss cannons online casino 10 euro einzahlung 50 and a "probability torpedo a weapon that disrupts causality when it detonates, causing a target to experience the varied effects of differing realities.Download options, back to school!He was also the central character in the early Transformers comics by Fun Publications.The plan failed, however, when the sun collapsed into a massive black hole in the year 2020 AD, and Vector Prime was summoned back to Cybertron in an effort to save the planet from its deadly pull.As the Autobots passed through the vortex, Vector Primes overexerted body dissolved, and he became one with time.Transformers: The Covenant of Primus reveals that, like his Cybertron incarnation, this Vector Prime had the ability to warp himself to different locations at will.
Both the Autobots and Decepticons raced for the key, but the Decepticons ultimately prevailed thanks to Megatrons transformation into Galvatron, leaving the Autobots stranded on Gigantion.

The series would later receive a Facebook page, in which Vector Prime continued to share insights into the Transformers mythos.
Vector, primes perceptions are not limited to one linear pathway in time thanks to a temporal mechanics analyzer, he is able to observe all possible pasts, presents and futures within his sensor range, giving him the opportunity to select optimum courses of action.
Starscream in 2005 exclusive to Toys.