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Lagotto romagnolo

The Puli has dreads which are called cords and they start to form when they are 9 month old puppies.
The front legs must appear straight from any angle.This dog has no undercoat and the hair should never curl.Since the 19th century this intelligent breed has been utilized as an excellent dog for searching truffles in the flat open country and the hills of Romagna, thanks to his very developed sense of smell and high ability to concentrate on the search.The mats start from the spine and go down the flanks.It has a terrier body, shaggy fur and squashed in face give it a rather unique look.Weight: Males 28 - lotto ambo e terno quanto si vince e 35 pounds (13 - 16 kg) Females 24 - 31 pounds (11 - 14 kg).Its not a fur ball, its a working dog, and should be showed that way.These dogs have a very formidable appearance and it is for that reason that a Neapolitian Mastiff was chosen to play Fang in Harry Potter.Temperament, the Lagotto is a working dog.Some say that you should only clip it down with clippers twice a year and nothing else.Xoloitzcuintli, this dog has a name that is even stranger than its appearance.It loves to search for things and it has a natural instinct for retrieving.This anywhere from seven inches to thirteen inches high and has a long and wavy coat.This breed sheds little to no hair.These are actually tropical dogs but they have a long coat, which is not common for a dog that lives in these warm areas.They have pear shaped heads, triangular ears and fur that looks like the curly hair of the sheep.

They also need to be bathed and moisturized regularly in order to prevent dry skin and infections.Well these dogs may be loyal and friendly their appearances are something to contend with.What makes this dog stand out is not only the fact that it is hairless but also because it has a long neck, bat ears, almond eyes and a sleek body.If you do have a yard, and like your flowerswell, then you have to fence in your flowers.This is the American Bulldog, a breed that almost literally came back from the dead to become widely popular as both a working dog and a family pet.This sportpaleis lotto arena zaalplan is another dread-locked dog that has a very unique look but this dog does not have dreadlocks in the form of cords but rather in what is known as a felt.Its teeth should form a scissor, level or reverse scissor bite.The eyes are round and relatively big.
This list is by no means comprehensive so feel free to share your favorite dog breeds.

It gets on well with other dogs and other pets if sufficiently socialized.